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( Jul. 18th, 2009 06:39 am)
First off, let me just say that I did try to make walls for different fandoms that I'm into, but they all mysteriously ended up being Otalia (except for one). Obsessed much? Most definitely.

Some of the wallpapers come in two flavored sizes: 1600x1200 and 1680x1200/1920x1200. I put the rest of the credits at the bottom, as they are a bit longer than usual.

Hope you guys enjoy my IDF offerings :D

EDIT: Okay, I fixed the links not working right. so, so, sorry for that. Teach me to post something when I'm half asleep. I could have sworn, they were working right, though. Oh, well, LJ sometimes hates me . . .

EDIT 2: Still not working right. Okay, you can just go to the gallery here: Sorry, guys. LJ is just not cooperating.

EDIT 3: The links should work now.Whew!


1600x1200 sized wallpapers )

For the widescreen versions go here.

Miscellaneous notes by the creator:
- "choose" was inspired by looking at the online portfolio of a local wedding/events photographer. I wonder if he's hiring wannabe photographers/web designer/graphics enthusiast? He's just that great.
- "collage" wasn't suppose to look like that. It was going to be a bit more ambitious. Unfortunately, RL sucks big time and it just wasn't meant to be.
- "bw" wasn't suppose to be an otalia wall. Let's just say, that I planned it one way and it came out another.

Screencap Credits:
FOL Screencaps are from either or all of the following: [ profile] xxsaosinxx , [ profile] mondoshawan555 , [ profile] vasastan
GL Screencaps/Images: tallulah71 @ BPD, The Olivia & Natalia Fanlisting, thegirlinthebigbox, [ profile] stewartwade

[ profile] yunhe , sanami276, kiho-chan, ninavp50 (found at, Bleeding_Dragon

Brushes: (I don't think I used a lot of brushes this time, but just to be safe)
mcbadshoes, mutsie, env1ro

Poem used in "liv and nat (poem version)" is from an ee cumming's poem called "I carry your heart with me"

Lyrics used in "stay" is from "Crazy Ever After" by The Rescues
Lyrics used in "ever after" is from "Cup of Joe" by Daniel Ho
Lyrics used in "choose" is from "The One Who Won my Heart" by Christian Bautista
Lyrics used in "bw" is from "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" by N*Sync



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