. . .  with a bit of Emma, Rafe and Ava. This'll be the last one for awhile. Hopefully, not that long, cause Otalia is getting cuter with every episode and who can resist that, really? I still have two in progress, but I won't be able to work on them or any new ones, until I get my main computer all sorted out and upgraded so I can use PS CS4. The one I've been using has been a loan and it is now going back to it's owner :(

caps: [link] , tallulah71 @ BPD and from what I found surfing the net
polaroid brushes by:
       mutsie [link]
       sanami276 [link]
grunge brush by digitalrevolutions [link]
quotation is from a guy called Elbert Hubbard

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( May. 23rd, 2009 04:44 pm)
Okay, I know what I said in the previous post, but I somehow managed to sneak this one in before getting ready to pack up the computer. Darxe @ BPD requested a collage of the newer caps, and this is the result. Hopefully, this is what she had in mind.

Size as usual is 1600x1200


caps by tallulah71 of BPD
brushes by sanami276 [link]
polaroid brushes by mutsie [link]
textures from [link]



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