Help! I can't seem to stop making these things! LOL . . . hope you guys like them. Size as usual is 1600x1200. A bit of warning: One of the walls is somewhat spoilery.

caps: Tallulah71 @ BPD
pic used in "reason" I got via [ profile] stewartwade 
polaroid brushes by sanami276
brush by mutsie
watercolor brushes by mcbadshoes
lyrics used in "heart" is from "Heart to Heart" by Kai
quotes used in "reason" is from a guy called Blaise Pascal

Those new caps were just too tempting not to make something out of it. Enjoy! Size as usual is 1600x1200.

screencaps by tallulah71 @ BPD
polaroid brush by sanami276
texture by someone called HG (not sure if this is the right name. So, if anyone knows, please tell me so I can give credit, thanks)
lyrics is from "Closer, You and I" by Gino Padilla

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( Jun. 10th, 2009 06:54 pm)
Okay, I'm playing hooky from being a responsible adult and played around with Photoshop instead of working on my web project. It just goes to show, that I can't stay away for long from this fandom. Granted these have been lying around on my hard drive for awhile, so it was just a matter of finishing them up and uploading them.  Now, I can get back to being responsible. Hope you guys enjoy! Size as usual is 1600x1200.

screencaps are from tallulah71 (BPD) or
glow brush used in the "together" wallpaper is from hawksmont
trees brush used in "gazebo" is from midnightstouch
the Bible verse used in "gazebo" is from the Book of Ruth 1:16-17

Just one wall today. The damn song wouldn't get out of my head, I had to do something. Hope you guys like the result! Size as usual is 1600x1200.

screencaps by tallulah71 @ BPD
glow brush by hawksmont
song lyrics is from "Somewhere, Somehow" by Michael W. Smith

I'm back! Sorta . . . anyway, here's two new Otalia walls for you. As usual, size is 1600x1200.

Screencaps by tallulah71 (@BPD) and
Textures by [ profile] caugraphics 
Glow Brushes by hawksmont
Lyrics used in the second wall is from "More and More" by Gary Valenciano

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( May. 23rd, 2009 04:44 pm)
Okay, I know what I said in the previous post, but I somehow managed to sneak this one in before getting ready to pack up the computer. Darxe @ BPD requested a collage of the newer caps, and this is the result. Hopefully, this is what she had in mind.

Size as usual is 1600x1200


caps by tallulah71 of BPD
brushes by sanami276 [link]
polaroid brushes by mutsie [link]
textures from [link]

Because we're all waiting anxiously for their first kiss (that counts) , I thought another look at the first kiss that didn't count (yeah, right) would do for now. Besides, I always found it funny that Olivia couldn't just say the issue and just had to kiss Nat to make the point. Methinks someone was curious ;)

Size: 1600x1200

thegirlinthebigbox [link]

lovetheories [link]
hawksmont [link]

"Captured" by Christian Bautista / Chris Lawrence (depends on the version you hear)

I'm in a very dark minimalistic mood this week, mostly because I'm on a deadline at work, but just couldn't resist sneaking in some wallpaper creation. What can I say? When I'm stressed, I create.

As usual, size is 1600x1200. Polaroid Brushes are from sanami276 @ Caps are from Tallulah71 @ the BPD Forums or from

1 more over here . . . )
. . . with a side of Jellybean :)

I might post some more later, but that kinda depends on whether or not the Pacquiao/Hutton fight lasts long. I'm definitely working on at least a couple more before the weekend is through, though.

SIZE: 1600x1200
TEXTURES: Grunge II Texture Pack by =cloaks
SCREENCAPS: Tallulah @ the BPD Forums (if my memory serves . . . feel free to correct me)

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( May. 1st, 2009 04:28 pm)
I'm taking advantage of a long weekend to catch up on some wallpaper making and maybe some icon making, too. Here's some more wallpapers for the Otalia fans. The last two are really the same except for the pics in the middle being black and white in one and colored in the other. Couldn't make up my mind, which one I liked better.

Lyrics used are from the song "New Kind of Cool" by The Rescues. Screencaps are from Texture used in wallpapers 2 and 3 is texture 20 by ~Insan-Stock. Size as usual is 1600x1200.


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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 10:22 pm)
Ok, so I finally got sucked into the Otalia Fandom, much to my chagrin. I've never liked soap operas. The local ones we have in my country make me roll my eyes everytime, so I stayed away from watching them if possible. But after the relentless outpouring of Otalia fanfic the past couple of months, I just had to take a look. Damn my curiousity! Now, I'm freaking addicted!

Anyway, here's a wallpaper for you Otalia fans. The lyrics used are from a song called "You and I" by Kyler England (awesome song, by the way). Enjoy! (size is 1600x1200)