My country is mourning the loss of an artist who died too young. Francis Magalona a.k.a. Francis M., Kiko, The Man from Manila, Freeman and Master Rapper died on March 6, 2009. He was diagnosed with Leukemia just last year and died from complications. He was only 44.

Kaleidoscope World (released in the 90s) is one of his best works and in the past week has probably become the number one requested song in the country. I can't go anywhere without hearing it. Francis M. was probably the only rapper I know whose songs didn't have a swear word every other line. He also paved the way for hip hop artists in the country in the mid-80s.

To Mr. Kiko . . . thank you for the music. Rest in Peace!

Here's a video of Kaleidoscope World sung by Francis M. with the band Parokya ni Edgar during their Inuman(drinking) Sessions series:



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