. . . with a side of Jellybean :)

I might post some more later, but that kinda depends on whether or not the Pacquiao/Hutton fight lasts long. I'm definitely working on at least a couple more before the weekend is through, though.

SIZE: 1600x1200
TEXTURES: Grunge II Texture Pack by =cloaks
SCREENCAPS: Tallulah @ the BPD Forums (if my memory serves . . . feel free to correct me)

From: [identity profile] listener15.livejournal.com

Wow! That is beautiful. And the use of colour with all the black wonderful. They are a family and this is so nice... guess I'll have to make a folder just for you backgrounds now (yay!)

From: [identity profile] abydos-dork.livejournal.com

Oh... forgot to add... Add to the http://community.livejournal.com/femslash_fanart/ comm, too! :D

From: [identity profile] ralst.livejournal.com

Really nice. I love the shot of the three of them going into the church.

From: [identity profile] geeky-spaz.livejournal.com

Thanks! I love that shot as well. There were other shots of them as a family that would have worked, but this one was my favorite.